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Losing our reason to celebrate Independence Day

by Polly von Thaden on 07/04/15

For the first time in my life, I'm not celebrating the 4th of July. Not feeling it this year. Not with witnessing first hand, front and center, one of our essential key freedoms being stripped away by our California Senators, Assembly members, and Governor through SB277 vaccine mandates.

Contrary to what the supporters of SB277 would like you to believe, this bill is NOT just about vaccines, people.  It's about your losing your FREEDOM OF CHOICE to confer with your doctor of what medical treatment plan may be best for your family!  It's medical tyranny and pHARMa dictatorship at its finest.  
California's constitution clearly states our children have a right to an education.  SB277 is blackmail, holding our children's education hostage, "comply or else".     

It is also the loss of FREEDOM OF RELIGION for those who have a conscientious objection to vaccines for religious reasons (i.e. aborted fetal tissue being in vaccines).

Nope. Just not in the mood to celebrate losing these FREEDOMS we should all hold so very near and dear to our hearts.  
In my opinion, and in the opinion of thousands of other parents who also showed in opposition to this bill, medical choices should be kept between the parent/legal guardian or patient and their doctor.  It should never be made by our government - especially when there is no compelling state interest to mandate a product (vaccines) made by an industry (pharmaceutical) who holds ZERO liability, under the law, for the damages their product may create in its consumers (you and your family). 

Or, when there's a religious objection, it needs to be kept between the individual and God, not man. 

This industry had already lost an incentive to create a safer/greener product when they were made exempt from liability in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.  Now their product is being mandated through SB277?  That will only compound the (lack of) safety issue! 

NO THANKS!  We'll pass on celebrating losing FREEDOM OF CHOICE and FREEDOM OF RELIGION or the loss, under California's constitution, of an education for our children.  

Fortunately, our 14yr old Trigger "puppy" isn't phased by the neighbors celebrations. He's where he's always at when I'm on my computer - underfoot, calmly snoozing away.

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