Information Highway for the disABLED 
was started in 1998 because of our own 
family's and friends needs.  Pertinent 
information regarding various disabilities
stemming from injuries or conditions can  
be extremely difficult to come by if you don't 
know where to look for it.  

Our oldest son was vaccine injured in 1988, 
and finds himself with ongoing vaccine-related 
health issues to this very day.  My older sister was found to be bipolar, but was 
misdiagnosed for over a decade and given the wrong medications for years. My younger sister was in an auto accident in 1994, which has left her permanently mobility challenged.  After a year and a half long tour in Afghanistan, my younger brother has lasting damage to his hearing and knees due to combat.  And I have even found myself in need of spinal surgeries after a serious auto accident in 2007.  

What initially started out as bookmarking web site links for personal use, eventually evolved into this page of the World Wide Web.  I hope my guests can find the information and support if and/or when they may need it from my cause.  

I have not yet sought non-profit status, but that may very well be my next step in this journey.  

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