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by Polly von Thaden on 07/05/15

Shame on our Governor for essentially spitting on the Armed Forces graves and in their faces for signing SB277 into law.  I know many must be rolling over in their graves at this travesty.

Our pHARMa have been using our Armed Forces for guinea pigs for far too many years as it is.  Guess they weren't any fun to experiment on any more, gene pool too contaminated by their toxic poisons, and now they demand sacrificial innocent children for their play toys to do with as they please. 

All under the guise of it being "for the greater good".  Pppffffttttttt

I would say it was unbelievable if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Total disregard to the thousands who showed up in opposition of this draconian law.  Total disregard to our Armed Forces who fought for our (once) great nation.

Our family has already sacrificed one child to the pHARMa Gods.  A child once excelling in his milestones, slapped down by a series of vaccines that almost cost him his life, growing up struggling to learn how to walk, talk, and feed himself all over again when he had already mastered those skills with ease.  Entering school with learning disabilities he was not born with.  It was our families living nightmare.  All because of those injections.

It's all "acceptable collateral damage" until it happens to YOUR family.  Then the opinion changes.  What are the odds of it happening to your child?  They'll have you believing the odds are against it.  But look around you.... take a good long look around you.  I'm betting you know someone out there who has a vaccine injured child.  Just the authorities will tell you those injuries are a "coincidence". 

Vaccine injuries.  Biggest damn coincidence on this planet.  Pppfffttttttt

We didn't wake up in time for our first child.  For that, we have to live with the guilt for the rest of our lives.  Think you can handle it?  It'll eat you alive.

Wake up!  Before it's too late!!

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